Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In the months after moving home, trying to deal with the reality of living with constant pain, I felt as though my life was in a continual downward spiral. I struggled to do everything that I had so easily done prior to all the neurosurgery. Everything I tried to do now seemed to only make my pain so much worse.

I was painting during this time and as I was doing one painting I believe God showed me something. He helped me to see that there was a very real difference between being on this downward spiral and being in a vicious cycle (which was what I had also felt I was in at times). Unlike a cycle, a spiral could be reversed. This realisation led to my completing the artwork and writing about what I could now see, that in having HOPE I could reverse the downward spiral I felt I was on.

The Upward Spiral of Hope

When God gives us the Peace
To know that we can do all things through Him
For He will be our strength,
Dread and anxiety
Are replaced with eager anticipation and dreams

It is in having this hope
And looking forward to our tomorrows
That we are able to reverse
Any downward spiral of despair
Gabrielle Bryce