Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing My Way Out of Depression - 2 'This Moment'

When I wrote during the period I first had depression I didn’t really think about what I was writing - I just let the words flow. This next piece of writing is one that I can’t quite fathom as it was in my writing it that God spoke to me. He did this at the time and has done many times over through this one piece of writing during these past 13 years.

                 This Moment

This life is but a flick of light
This moment is just passing
This day it will soon be replaced
So live it, that’s all I’m asking

This problem - it will soon be gone
This trial will soon end
Out of this valley will come a mountain top
Amidst the darkness, light I will send

Keep challenging, probing, questioning
Keep searching for what is right
In looking you will learn and grow
That life needn’t be a fight

For life’s puzzle will go along unsolved
Only I know how to solve it
So hand your trouble over to Me
And I will help you resolve it

The ‘whats’, the ‘whys’, the ‘how could you’s’
To all of these I hold the key
Slowly I will reveal the answers
So leave it up to Me

Place today into My hands
Trust Me in every way
When anxieties rise up in your heart
Just turn to Me and pray.

© Gabrielle Bryce