Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As the months went on, after moving home, I tried accept the fact that it was going to be a permanent move. At the same time I was cryng out to God frequently and asking Him to remove the continual pain I was in. I felt really confused about it all and why, in spite of my pleas, God didn’t remove the pain.

I really began to question whether God heard my prayers and if so, why He didn’t answer them.

It was in doing the art work below that I believe that God really showed me something. He showed me that whenever I prayed He did hear my prayers and did always answer them, just not in the ways that I had expected Him to.

                              He Always Answers

When we call out to God in times of need and desperation, He always answers.
However, he does not always change the circumstance.

What He does promise us though, is that he will be our strength and give us the peace we need to get through that circumstance.

This painting symbolises peace (blue) coming over like a wave. That all-encompassing peace leads to an upsurge of joy (yellow) in one's spirit, which then gives the emotional strength to be able to stand back from the circumstance and see our passions and dreams being fulfilled on the horizon.

It is in gaining this perspective that we are then able to turn the next page in the book of our life.

© Gabrielle Bryce
14th July, 2001